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GET IN TOUCH – 0871135180

It’s difficult to provide a price list as all cakes are custom made & all individual to each customer.

To help process a Wedding cake inquiry please provide all of the following details.  

  1. Name

  2. Email

  3. Subject e.g Wedding Cake Inquiry.

  4. Date of Wedding – (Please include your full date which is the day of the week, date & year e.g Fri 22nd Oct 2021).

  5. Where you are based in the world – e.g what county of Ireland or if from another country please let me know e.g UK, USA & so on, many thanks.

  6. Number of tiers

  7. Venue – & what county your venue is in.  (only if a Wedding inquiry).

  8. Please note I can only offer delivery at an additional cost to the following venues in the Co. Sligo area.    Markree Castle, Markree Courtyard, Juniper Barn, Temple House, Kilronan Castle, Castle Dargan, Castledale, The Sligo Park Hotel, The Clayton Sligo, The Radisson Sligo, The Coach House, & The Landmark & The Bush Hotels in Co. Leitrim.   For all other venues, collection up to a couple of days before a Wedding is an option with plenty of advice given.

  9. Email One photo of a Wedding cake you like on this website to, many thanks.

  10. If you can’t email or copy & paste a photo a screenshot is perfect too.