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What to do to order a cake:

Pick a design from the gallery – state what size you need e.g 8″round 3″ deep tier or 8″ round 4″ deep tier & so on – state how much of the decoration from the design you want – state vanilla sponge flavour etc.

Choose a design from the gallery below as a reference. The prices shown are for using vanilla sponge flavour, with the size of the cake in each photo given e.g diameter & depth of tier. Please note this when ordering the size you want.

For most round cake designs you can choose same size diameter tier as shown in a shallower or deeper tier. For any of the round designs shown that are required in a different size diameter or depth of tier please just ask. For any of the designs you can omit decorations if you don’t need them.

Please note some designs shown can only be made using vanilla sponge cake due to the nature of the design. All designs shown are labour intensive most designs take days to make. Bear grass shown in some of the designs is subject to availability.

Checking availability for your date e.g off peak times usually 4-6 weeks is best, peak times more notice may be required, so it is best to check well in advance.

F15/G44: 8″Rx4″ d from €175 + sharp edge top finish if required €20