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Where fresh flowers are used in a design please note

  1. Fresh flowers must be sourced by couples from their florist.
  2. If your florist is not arranging & attaching those fresh flowers to the cake on the day for Cake Rise to do so €25-€75 depending on complexity.   Booking delivery is required for this.
  3. Please note I am not a florist but can make up simple arrangements, the fee above is for arranging & attaching to the cake only, does not include flowers, flowers must be purchased by couples.
  4. Send a photo to your florist of how you like flowers on a cake to give them an idea of how much you need to get a quote from them for cost of this.
  5. If booking Cake Rise for delivery & to arrange & attach the flowers to the cake for you, the flowers must be left on the cake table the morning of the Wedding by 1pm.

It could be as little as e.g 3 main roses with babies breath & a little greenery you buy to add to your cake but it’s up to you what you like.

If you need further advice please just ask.

In the case of where Cake Rise is booked for delivery & you want your flowers arranged & attached to the cake by Karina, please note for heath & safety reason flowers cannot be inserted in to your cake. Food grade picks, pins & tape will be used to attach the flowers. In some cases a mix of all is used & in some cases flowers may just be lying on a cake board.

In the case of where Cake Rise is not booked for delivery, couples will need to source someone to set their cake up & arrange & attach their flowers if the florist is not doing it either.


Please note in all cases regarding fresh flowers being used on a cake, health & safety regarding this matter is not Cake Rise’s responsibility, it is a client’s responsibility to understand health & safety in this matter.   Many designs online may have been achieved by inserting flowers directly into the cake, in Ireland this is not correct health & safety wise.

Although fresh flowers are constantly used to decorate cakes please note, it is a couple’s responsibility to understand health & safety regarding fresh flowers they have chosen to put on their cake.    Once a booking-fee has been received, it is deemed any couple using fresh flowers as part of their cake design, accept this responsibility & Cake Rise’s t&c’s on this matter.

I can help by advising little tricks to attach flowers in a more health & safety conscious way e.g food grade picks, straws, pins & tape but still flowers will touch your cake. Where designs chosen by couples require flowers to be inserted directly into the cake Karina will advise you of this, & advise it is not best healthy & safety wise. It is up to couples or not to still go with this design.

In all cases, it is a couple’s responsibility health & safety wise if they use fresh flowers as part of their cake design. 

Depending on the design a couple choose, fresh flowers may need to be inserted directly in to the cake, or 2” pins/2”cake picks/2”straws may need to be used to pin,  insert, attach the flowers to the cake.   Or the flowers may need to sit loose on the cake without proper securing, it all depends on the design but couples need to be aware of this.

Cake Rise cannot take any responsibility for flowers chosen by couples health & safety wise, other than advising you to understand yourselves the risk of using flowers on your cake & how they may need to be attached to a cake to achieve a similar look to a design required.

Nor does Cake Rise take any responsibility for the loss of portions you may incur in the places where flowers are inserted.

It may not be a lot but please be aware of loss of some portions.