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I can take all the stress out of the process of you worrying how your are going to get your gorgeous Wedding cake to your venue. 

The following is a list of venues within a 25 mile radius I can deliver to if there is availability on the day of your Wedding.

For simple cake design week days depending on which venue, a minimum starting fee of €80 will apply.  More complicated designs will be more.

It is advisable to book at the time of booking a cake itself to insure availability.  The hours required to delivery a Wedding cake are hours away from other work, please book at the time of booking your Wedding cake to insure the number of hours to deliver on your Wedding date are available.

Please note delivery is not simply Karina driving to your venue & dropping your cake off at the door.   There is much more too it which I have outlined further below so couples understand.

Delivery is optional, you do not have to Book Cake Rise for delivery.

Alternatively you can collect up to a couple of days before your Wedding.  If collecting it is also to advise of this at the time of booking a cake itself as it changes the date the cake is required.

Please make sure to read your responsibilities further below in the collection info section if you choose to collect, many thanks.




From €80-€90 off peak, slightly more peak time, please ask. 

Juniper Barn                   Markree Castle               Markree Courtyard

Castle Dargan                Castledale                       Sligo Park Hotel

Clayton Sligo                  Radisson Sligo               Temple House

Kilronan Castle               Landmark


Please let me know your date, venue, cake design & I will confirm cost.

Sunday & all Bank Holidays closed – delivery  not available – or by special request only
Sunday/Bank Hol delivery only if I have availability add approx €15 to the above off peak rate.
Xmas to New Years Week only if I have availability add approx €20 to the above peak rate for guide.




Peak dates are May – Sept  & the first 2 weeks of Dec.

Prime dates are – currently the month of August & the last 2 weeks of Dec up to Jan 7th every year.

Please note all of the above is a starting guide only.   If you are inquiring about a Wedding date that is more than 3 months away please check final costs 6 weeks before your Wedding date.






Please note cakes can be collected instead if you do not wish to book delivery.   They can be collected up to a couple of days before a Wedding by a family member/friend or the couple themselves.   Plenty of  advice is given on how to travel with your cake. )

It is best to advise Cake Rise of this at the time of booking a cake itself as it does effect the date the cake is required.

For collection, cakes will automatically packaged with tiers in separate boxes for easier traveling with & storage of your cake in the days up to your Wedding, unless otherwise discussed.

For non-slip mats & cake boxes to be supplied for this which I completely recommend allow – 2 tier €25 – 3 tier €30.





Please note when couples collect their cakes themselves or have a friend or family member to so, they are responsible for the correct traveling, storage, stacking, set-up, decorating of their cake in the run up to their Wedding, once they have left Cake Rise with their cake.

Correct storage will more than likely mean refrigeration, please make sure you have access to this.

It is a couple’s responsibility to organize this in the days up to their Wedding.

Not all venues are able to accommodate Wedding cakes in advance of Wedding dates, it is a couple’s responsibility to check this with their venue.

Hence why delivery & set-up is recommended.





How delivery cost is made up – what the total cost to Cake Rise is to offer a delivery & set-up service. 

Delivery of Wedding cakes takes hours out of a day, even to local venues.

It not just the cost of driving to a venue & dropping a cake off at the door, it is much more than that.

It may be hard for others to understand & value my time, experience etc & the costs I incur to offer this service but hopefully the below goes some way to explain the real cost.

The cost to Cake Rise is as follows

1 Apart from distance of venue/return journey – fuel – cost of a vehicle –  wear & tear on vehicle – insurance charged for every time I take a cake in my vehicle for delivery – cake boxes – non-slip mats – tool kits etc etc there is the following also which most don’t consider.

  1. It is not just delivery i.e dropping a cake at the door, it is delivering & setting-up of your cake personally on the day.
  1. Time/labour, this is the cost to us most won’t consider in the process but a big cost to the business.

It takes hours out of the day to deliver & set up a cake.   This is hours away from the business etc & other work that has to be completed.

Our time is always at a premium as the work is labour intensive with many couples needing this service at the same time.

Please note time away delivering Wedding cakes is time away from other work.

It includes from the time it takes to pack up a Wedding cake, load it in to a vehicle, delivery to venue, unload it at the venue, stack it, apply sugar decorations if part of the design etc etc to the time back at Cake Rise, unloaded all from delivering  ready to work again on other orders to be completed.

Please note bad roads, traffic delays etc  has to be taken into consideration away from other work booked.

  1. A minimum €80 fee for simple cake design off peak is a fair starting cost considering the service that will be provided. Cost includes for the cake to be personally delivered to your venue by Karina on the day – professionally stacked on the table – sugar decorations if applicable to be placed on the cake if part of the cake design. And in many cases with delicate sugar decorations, especially sugar flowers, extras available in case of breakages in transit  not charged for.
  1. For more complicated designs, peak times, Sundays, bank holidays if available the cost will be slightly more, please see above.
  1. Delivering & setting up a Wedding cake is very stressful, a huge responsibility, & one I don’t take lightly. Included is the correct storage of your cake right up to the minute I leave for your venue, the correct care & attention to get your cake to the venue, the correct care & attention to personally set it up on the day etc etc. I take on all the stress so couples don’t have too.

My time, professionalism & experience has to be valued for this service, hence the cost.

We understand this may not suit every couple, delivery is optional, couples can choose to collect.  Please make sure you have read your responsibilities in the collection section above if you do collect, many thanks.

Cake Rise reserves the right to increase this cost in line with increases it incurs to provide this service without prior notice.


Where fresh flowers are used in a design please note

  1. Fresh flowers must be sourced by couples from their florist.
  2. If your florist is not arranging & attaching those fresh flowers to the cake on the day for Cake Rise to do so €25-€75 depending on complexity.   Booking delivery is required for this.
  3. Please note I am not a florist but can make up simple arrangements, the fee above is for arranging & attaching to the cake only, does not include flowers, flowers must be purchased by couples.
  4. Send a photo to your florist of how you like flowers on a cake to give them an idea of how much you need to get a quote from them for cost of this.
  5. If booking Cake Rise for delivery & to arrange & attach the flowers to the cake for you, the flowers must be left on the cake table the morning of the Wedding by 1pm.

It could be as little as e.g 3 main roses with babies breath & a little greenery you buy to add to your cake but it’s up to you what you like.

If you need further advice please just ask.

In the case of where Cake Rise is not booked for delivery, couples will need to source someone to set their cake up & arrange & attach their flowers if the florist is not doing it either.


Any additional items to be placed on the cake table e.g photos, candles, ornaments etc are the couples responsibility, they do not form part of cake set-up.    If you require these items to be placed by Cake Rise, please advise of this at the time of booking a cake & what items need to be set up in order to provide a cost for this service.




Please note all of the above is a guide only,  costs can change at any time & vary from the time of booking to the time of your Wedding if booking more than 3 months in advance.

Delivery & set-up is OPTIONAL:   This separate cost will depend on availability, distance of venue & difficulty of cake set-up within a 25 mile radius

Minimum cost for simple designs depends on venue, for venues max 25 miles from Cake Rise, starting guide given above. 

Final a/c’s are due in full 4 weeks before a Wedding date.