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For collection of Wedding cake orders or delivery & set-up of Wedding cake orders please see below for details.  The following information on Collection of Wedding cake orders or Delivery & set-up of Wedding cake orders is important – please read ALL information carefully.



Wedding cakes can be collected up to a couple of days before a Wedding.  Advice is given on how best to travel safely with your cake.  All Hotels have a member of staff fully capable of setting up Wedding cakes.

Please advise the date of collection at the time of booking your Wedding cake.


At the time of booking a Wedding cake we will advise whether or not your chosen Wedding cake design is possible to collect & deliver to your venue yourself.  If your chosen Wedding cake design is complex we will advise on whether you should be opting for a Delivery & set-up service, please see details below.

It is customer responsibility to take our advice or not on Wedding cake Delivery & set-up.




Weddding Cake Delivery & set-up is OPTIONAL:

This separate cost will depend on availability, distance of venue & difficulty of cake set-up within a 35 mile radius.   Delivery & set-up is customer choice, must be booked in advance as will be dependent on our availability.  It is recommended to book this service at the time of booking a Wedding cake.


Delivery & set-up to Wedding venues within a 20 mile radius will take a minimum of 3 hours out of our day, inhibiting all other work booked.  Venues further a field up 35 miles will be longer.  (please note the above time given is the time it takes from packing a Wedding cake up, organize a emergency kit & any spare details etc, arriving at the venue to set-up, to the time it takes Cake Rise to be back at it’s premises with everything unpacked).

Costs for delivery & set-up include, insurance, fuel, complexity of the cake design, staff time & number of staff required.

Most Wedding cake designs will require more than one person to deliver & set-up.


For delivery & set-up cost to your venue please ask – email the contact form on this website for details.