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(Please read ALL of the following information to make sure you understand what is required to confirm an order regarding a deposit & final/full payment).



A non-refundable deposit is required on all orders to secure the date you need in Cake Rise’s diary.  Dates are NOT booked until a non-refundable deposit is paid.  This is the ONLY way to confirm an order & is the fairest way to all who want the same date.

Please note: verbally expressing an interest in booking a date does not deem that date confirmed/booked/secured.   It is only confirmed once a non-refundable deposit is paid.



There may be availability at the time of an inquiry, however, availability changes constantly.  It is advisable to confirm a booking with a non-refundable deposit asap.

Cake rise is not responsible for advising of any changes in availability.  If we have no further contact about an inquiry, no deposit payment to secure/confirm a date or a long time has lapsed since last there was contact regarding your inquiry, Cake Rise is not responsible for any changes in availability for the date you require. The first to pay a non-refundable deposit for a date secures it.



Celebration Cakes Deposit:     €50-€100

Wedding Cakes Deposit:         €100-€150



WEDDING CAKE ORDERS –  2-4 weeks before a Wedding date.

LATE WEDDING CAKE ORDERS – Wedding cake orders only confirmed close to a Wedding date e.g 2/4/6 weeks beforehand,  final full payment is required 2-4 weeks before a Wedding date as is normal for any Wedding order regardless of timing of booking.  This may mean full payment is required immediately.


CELEBRATION CAKE ORDERS –  1-2 weeks before the celebration date or earlier.

LATE CELEBRATION CAKE ORDERS – Late Celebration cake orders only confirmed close to a celebration date e.g 1-2 weeks beforehand or less, final full payment is required 1-2 weeks before a celebration as is normal for any Celebration order regardless of timing of booking. This may mean full payment is required immediately.




Deposits/Final full payment can be paid either by


– POSTAL ORDER/BANK DRAFT to Karina Leonard Sheerevagh Castlebaldwin Co. Sligo F52 WD32

-BANK TRANSFER please ask for a/c details

-PAYPAL please ask for a/c details (please see t&c’s below regarding using paypal)


(please note PAYPAL charge a fee for their service, approx 5% on every transaction.  Please only use this service if you are happy with the fee they deduct from any payment you make to Cake Rise.  Cake Rise is not responsible for any fee deducted. It is customer choice to use this method or not as there are other ways to pay as described above.  However,  I am happy for customers to use Paypal if they wish to do so – any outstanding balance due deducted by Paypal for it’s fee’s can be paid again at the time of a final balance being due for an order.   It is a handy service – if you are happy to use it knowing the above info please do).



Cake Rise is a professional custom made cake business with an exceptional reputation for high quality cakes & more than 10yrs experience creating Wedding & Celebration cakes.  The company is run single handily by Karina Leonard where her work is highly skilled & very labour intensive.  Her immaculate work is highly sought after & has won many professional industry awards.  (please see “AWARDS” page for further details).

It is therefore advisable to book Cake Rise as early as possible, premium dates will book months/years in advance.   However simple or small your idea for a Custom made cake is, all Custom cake work takes days to complete & this needs to be taken into consideration when booking such detailed work.

Cakes are priced according to size, shape, flavour & number of hours/days to complete.