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Please read all t&c’s & info given on this website under T&C’S/INFO fully if booking a Wedding cake or other cake.  Once a booking-fee is received it is deemed t&c’s & all info given is read & agreed to.   It is a clients responsibility to read all t&c’s & info given.

Please read ALL of the following information to make sure you understand what is required to confirm an order regarding a booking-fee & final/full payment.



A non refundable/non-transferable booking-fee is required on all orders to secure a date.   Dates are not confirmed until a booking-fee is received.  Verbal expression of requiring a date does not confirm the date.  It is best to secure your date with a booking-fee asap, availability changes constantly.

A non-refundable/non-transferable booking-fee of €125-€150 is required on small Wedding cake orders.   For larger orders please ask.  

A booking fee is required to secure the number of days required to make a Wedding cake in the lead up to original first Wedding dates, in order for those days to be booked in Cake Rise’s diary, therefore, restricting other work that can be taken on in this time.

It does not cover other dates e.g non-refundable non-transferable.

It is required to cover some of the volume of admin cost & utility cost that each order generates etc & therefore non-refundable & non-transferable in all circumstances.

It is a couples responsibility to pay their booking fee in a timely fashion according to availability advised for their date at the time they inquired.   Availability changes constantly, & is always best to pay your booking fee in the days after you have inquired & received costs & info relating to your inquiry to secure your date.  If couples leave it & don’t come back in a timely fashion, Cake Rise is not responsible for changes to/or loss of availability for their date.  Cake Rise cannot send reminders, it is a couples responsibility to confirm their intentions to secure their date by paying a booking fee in the days after inquiring in a timely fashion. 


Once a booking-fee is received your date will be secured & it is assumed you have read & agree the t&c’s. 



Booking-fees can be paid by Cash, Online bank transfer or Paypal.

Please note we offer Paypal as a payment option for booking-fees only.  Paypal charge fee’s for every transfer & this is deducted on receipt of payment.   Please note Cake Rise is not responsible for Paypal fee’s.

Please go ahead & use Paypal on the understanding all Paypal fee’s deducted from what Cake Rise received will have to be made up in final balance’s due 4 weeks before a Wedding date.

Typically approx €4-€6 is deducted from every €100 sent if your a/c is Irish, possibly more if from somewhere else in the world.

Please put your name as ref on all  bank transfer or paypal transfers, thank you. 

For paypal or bank details please email


Final balances become due 4 weeks before a Wedding date, many thanks.   Please ask for your final a/c approx 6 weeks before your Wedding date in order for all to be finalized & paid 4 weeks before your Wedding date, many thanks.



Cake Rise is a professional custom made cake business with an exceptional reputation for high quality cakes, with more than 17yrs experience creating Celebration cakes & more than 16 creating Wedding cakes.  The company is run single handily by Karina Leonard where her work is highly skilled & very labour intensive.  Her immaculate work is highly sought after & has won many professional industry awards.  (please see “AWARDS” page for further details).

It is therefore advisable to book Cake Rise as early as possible, premium dates will book months/years in advance.   However simple or small your idea for a Custom made cake is, all Custom cake work takes days to complete & this needs to be taken into consideration when booking such detailed work.

Cakes are priced according to size, shape, flavour & number of hours/days to complete.