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(e.g birthdays, christening/communion/confirmation, anniv, hen/stag cakes)

 Vanilla Sponge or Light Chocolate Sponge




I offer the following 5 gorgeous flavours for fondant iced Wedding cakes.   With many years experience these flavours are the best options to carry the weight of fondant icing, achieve a necessary good structure & a gorgeous clean finish.  All sponge flavours will be filled with a  corresponding homemade buttercream.


1. VANILLA/VICTORIA SPONGE – can’t go wrong with vanilla sponge – filled with a beautiful homemade vanilla buttercream.

2. LIGHT CHOCOLATE – for chocolate lovers a gorgeous light chocolate sponge – filled with tasty homemade chocolate buttercream.

3. ZESTY LEMONfor a fresh feel zesty fluffy sponge – filled with zesty homemade buttercream a definite favourite.

4. SPICED CARROT CAKE– for a richer sponge cake, gorgeous spiced moist carrot – filled with homemade vanilla/lemon or orange zest buttercream.

5. RICH CHOCOLATE BISCUIT – a firm favourite & goes a long way rich Belgian chocolate biscuit cake


Homemade buttercream is used in all Wedding cakes for good structure,  it is the best filling to cope with the weight of fondant icing.  (Fresh cream, cream cheese fillings etc are not sturdy enough to cope with the weight of icing, less stable).


(For best division of flavours we recommend a MAX of 2 flavours for 3 Tier cakes).

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering any cake whatever the occasion please check first what flavours will be available for the date you require.