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Displaying your cake is an important part of the overall look on your big day & a personal choice.  Most couples will purchase their own stand or use one at their venue.   If you do need help, Cake Rise would be delighted to hire one to you, please see below.

Currently, there are 7 pedestal style stands available for hire.   Two day hire costs & deposit cost are stated on the photos of each different stand.  An example or two then is shown of the stand being used.

Deposit equates to the cost incurred by Cake Rise for the stand, shipping & custom charges in order to have available for hire, & is the very least Cake Rise will incur again to replace the stand if scratched, cracked, chipped, broken or not returned.

Deposits are refundable only when the stand has been returned to Cake Rise in the same condition it was hired in.   Please only hire stands from Cake Rise when you know you can adhered to the T&C’S below, many thanks.


1. Cost for stand hire + deposit + collection fee (if collection after use is required & if available) are due in advance of Wedding date & will be added to a couple’s final a/c due 4 weeks before a Wedding date if hiring.  Stands hired must be returned by the client to my home in the same condition as hired in, at which point the deposit will be returned.  Therefore, no scratches, cracks, chips or breakages.

2. If the stand is required the day after your Wedding by another couple, you will be informed of this at the time of hiring & required to return the stand to my home by 10am the morning after your Wedding.

Otherwise, stands must be returned to Cake Rise my home at an agreed time on the 2nd day after your Wedding – failure to do so will result in a €10 charge deducted from the deposit daily.

3. If the stand is scratched, cracked, chipped, broken, damaged or not returned the deposit cannot be refunded.   Deposits can only be returned when the stand has been returned to Cake Rise in the same condition it was hired in.

4. If a stand has to be collected by Cake Rise after use from a venue a €15/€20 fee will apply for venues within a max 15 mile radius & only if Cake Rise has availability to collect.   Therefore a daily hire fee + collection fee + deposit is due in advance of hire in this case.  Please note this is only offered in exceptional circumstances.   The stand should be returned to Cake Rise by a couple, as it is their responsibility to return it correctly, this in turn allows full clarity & proof of the state of the stand after use, please note this before hiring.

5. In this case where Cake Rise collects within a 15 mile radius, deposits will be returned only when Cake Rise has got it’s stand back with no scratches, cracks, chips or breakages.   If the stand cannot be located by venue staff the €15/€20 fee to retrieve the stand still applies & no deposit will be returned, you will be notified of this as soon as Cake Rise knows.

6. Please note, it is not a venues responsibility to look after the stand on your behalf.   In the case of where Cake Rise collects to max 15 mile radius after use, if the venue cannot locate the stand after your Wedding, the €15/€20 fee to collect still applies & no deposit can be returned.

Please note the cost of hire + deposit is to cover replacement cost of the stand if lost or broken.  On stands 5, 6 & 7 it actually cost Cake Rise considerably more to purchase those stands, all 3 are expensive stands with expensive shipping & custom costs also.