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T&C’S & General Info:

Please read t&c’s & all info given fully.  Once a booking-fee is received it is deemed t&c’s & all info given is read & agreed to.   It is a clients responsibility to read all t&c’s & info given.


Thank you for contacting Karina at Cake Rise award winning cakes.  I would love to help create a gorgeous centre piece Wedding cake for your big day.

I recommend checking Cake Rise’s availability as soon as you’ve set your date.  It is no harm to check my availability at the time you are checking availability for your venue.   It is never too early, many couples will book 18th months in advance down to some who will leave it very late at 3 months in advance.   Please check availability asap & book then asap as availability changes constantly.     


A non refundable/non-transferable booking-fee is required on all orders to secure a date.   Dates are not confirmed until a booking-fee is received.  Verbal expression of requiring a date does not confirm the date.  It is best to secure your date with a booking-fee asap, availability changes constantly.

A non-refundable/non-transferable booking-fee of €125-€150 is required on small Wedding cake orders, please ask which for your order.    For larger orders please ask.  

A booking fee is required to secure the number of days required to make a Wedding cake in the lead up to original first Wedding dates, in order for those days to be booked in Cake Rise’s diary, therefore, restricting other work that can be taken on in this time.

It does not cover other dates e.g non-refundable non-transferable. 

A booking fee is required to cover some of the volume of admin work & utility cost that each order generates etc & therefore,  non-refundable & non-transferable in all circumstances.

Booking fee’s are paid by couples after they have received all the information they need first, e.g price guide, t&c’s etc etc & they are happy to go ahead & book.    Booking-fee’s are deducted from final cost of an order when final a/c’s are provided approx 6 weeks before a Wedding date.

Once a booking-fee is received your date will be secured & it is assumed you have read & agree the t&c’s provided.

Please note if you have left it weeks & in some cases days to pay a booking-fee after checking availability, you will need to check availability again first before sending your booking-fee.    


Booking-fees can be paid by Cash, Online bank transfer or Paypal. 

Please note we offer Paypal as a payment option for booking-fees only.  Paypal charge fee’s for every transfer & this is deducted on receipt of payment.   Please note Cake Rise is not responsible for Paypal fee’s. 

Please go ahead & use Paypal on the understanding all Paypal fee’s deducted from what Cake Rise receives will have to be made up in final balance’s due 4 weeks before a Wedding date.  

Typically approx €4-€6 is deducted from every €100 sent if your a/c is Irish,  more if from somewhere else in the world.

Please ask for details where to pay.


All Wedding cake details can be organized via email.   To keep admin cost & time incurred by Cake Rise to a max of 1.5hrs to process the order,  I ask that all couples follow the process & reply to emails by return, many thanks.  It takes hours of admin to process an order & this is increased greatly if emails are not replied to by return.    Most couples work away or live abroad, corresponding via email works perfectly. Once your booking-fee is received your date will be secure, after which time you will be asked to provide personal & contact details for your order form.


You will have been asked to provide one cake design at the start of your inquiry in order for an estimate to be provided.  The estimate provided will be for this design only, once your booking-fee has been received this design & estimate for same are the contract details, not another design.  This information is asked to be confirmed at the start of the process for Cake Rise to book the number of days required to complete this design in the diary the week of your Wedding & to work out the number of days left to offer to work for other clients.   

If final design details are not given fully at the time of booking, they must be given no later than 6mths before a Wedding date where they are similar to what was originally spoken about.

Please note making changes to an order, changes to a cake design/ initial contract, will require an additional admin fee of €20 for a new estimate to be provide & additional admin work incurred, this fee will apply each time a change is made. 

All changes even if made months in advance effect’s Cake Rise’s work load & diary the week of your Wedding.   Please note Cake Rise’s diary the week of your Wedding may already be fully booked & design changes may not be possible to accommodate.   I will try & accommodate as much as possible within an already busy schedule.

I get booked up months in advance, if orders are changed last minute to either smaller/bigger orders this will affect my schedule.  In the case of reducing an order I may have already turned down other work on the basis of the original bigger order, & in the case of increasing an order as mentioned  my schedule may already be fully booked for the week.   Therefore it is best to have all details confirmed at the time of ordering or at least 6mths in advance, many thanks.


As mentioned above all Wedding cake details can be completed via email.  

In general I do not offer personal consultation, however as a very last resort if required when Covid allows personal consultation pre-booked by appointment only according to Cake Rise’s availability

  • max 30mins €50
  •  (Strictly max 30 mins – €25 redeemable against a Wedding cake if a booking is confirmed with a booking -fee).


Please note price guides/estimates are a guide only.  It is currently not possible to predict what definite costs will be for dates more than 3 months away.   Cake Rise reserves the right to alter the price guide without notice. Price guides/estimates given for all aspects of an order e.g cake, decoration, collection, delivery costs etc are valid for TWO weeks from the time you receive them.  

All costs of the business during anytime period are subject to increases out of my control.   Once a price estimate/quote has been accepted I endeavour for final costs to be as near to this as possible.

I just ask that couples please allow for possible cost increases out of my control over the course of the months between booking a cake & a Wedding date itself especially if more than 3 months away .   Final costs for all aspects of orders can be confirmed 6 weeks before a Wedding date on request in order to supply a final a/c for payment 4 weeks before a Wedding date.


Plain Sponge – Vanilla/Victoria Sponge – Zesty Lemon – Light Choc Sponge – Baileys Sponge – Coffee & Walnut – Choc Biscuit all included in price guides given.

Additional flavours add €25 per order in any of the following used.

Lemon & blueberry – Rich choc – Carrot cake – White choc cake – Salted Caramel.

9. TASTING EXPERIENCE:              

I now offer a postal service only to purchase samples twice a year, once either Feb/Mar time, once Oct/Nov time.   For Rep of Ireland residents only I am afraid.   Next available mid-late Nov’22

A max of 4 flavours is supplied according to Cake Rise’s availability.

Booked & paid for in advance, samples are not baked or sent without payment.   

€55-€60 depending on postal charges at time –  incl p+p two portion each of 4 flavours –  more than enough for 2 people to have a taster.

You can mention which flavours you wish to try, it will be according to my availability but I will try my best to have your preferred choice. 


I am afraid I cannot provide special diet options.   To do this correctly especially in the case of gluten free separate equipment, spaces etc are required.   This is not something I have or is commercially viable for a small home based business.  


Small Vanilla cupcake with small buttercream swirl from – €3.50   or   Large Vanilla cupcake with small buttercream swirl from – €5.     Starting prices for 2022.


Collection:  Cakes can be collected up to a couple of days before a Wedding date, please state this at the time of booking.

For non-slip mats & cake boxes to be provided for this – 2 tier from €25 – 3 tier from €30

Delivery:   Delivery cost depends on distance of venue up to a MAX of 25 miles each way & will start from off peak from €95 for simple cake design.   Insurance, fuel, wear & tear on vehicle, importantly time away from other work & complexity of cake design etc.

Closed Sundays & all Bank Holidays.   Peak summer months & Dec will be slightly more.  Christmas & New Years dates will be more.

It is best to book this at the time of booking a cake itself to insure availability on your Wedding date.    

For further info & cost on venues Cake Rise covers please ask.


Please note I provide a client with their cake only, I am not a florist & cannot supply fresh flowers.

Couples need to consult with their florist regarding all aspects of fresh flower arrangements for a cake, or wherever they are sourcing their flowers from.

Couples need to employ their florist to make up & attach appropriate size floral arrangements to their cake.   

If a florist is not available to make up arrangements or attach them to the cake I would be delighted to help.  However, I am not a florist,  flowers still need to be sourced by a couple from their florist/supplier & arrangements I make would be simple but lovely.  Therefore, the following charges will apply to a clients final a/c,  if Cake Rise is required to;

1. Cake Rise to attach fresh flower arrangements made up by a florist to a cake, simple design – from €25                 

(Please advise what you have asked your florist to make up, to quote exactly for attaching said arrangements to the cake.   Arrangements made by the florist must be on the cake table at venue by 12.30pm on the Wedding day in time for cake set-up if the florist is not attaching them to the cake).

2.  Cake Rise to make up one simple floral arrangement & attach to a cake –  1 simple arrangement – from €35,  2 simple arrangements – €50 & so on.  More arrangements please ask for price.  Please note Cake Rise is not a florist arrangements would be simple but still lovely.

(In this case, fresh flowers must be dropped to Cake Rise early the day before a Wedding, preferably).

CONTD: ADDITIONAL ADVICE on Fresh flower arrangements:

It could be as little as e.g 3 main roses with babies breath & a little greenery you buy to add to your cake but it’s up to you what you like.

If you need further advice please just ask.

In the case of where Cake Rise is not booked for delivery, couples will need to source someone to set their cake up & arrange & attach their flowers if the florist is not doing it either.


Please note in all cases regarding fresh flowers being used on a cake, health & safety regarding this matter is not Cake Rise’s responsibility, it is a client’s responsibility to understand health & safety in this matter.   Many designs online may have been achieved by inserting flowers directly into the cake, in Ireland this is not correct health & safety wise.

Although fresh flowers are constantly used to decorate cakes please note, it is a couple’s responsibility to understand health & safety regarding fresh flowers they have chosen to put on their cake.    Once a booking-fee has been received, it is deemed any couple using fresh flowers as part of their cake design, accept this responsibility & Cake Rise’s t&c’s on this matter.

I can help by advising little tricks to attach flowers in a more health & safety conscious way but still flowers will touch your cake & in many cases have to be inserted into the cake.  It is still a couple’s responsibility if they use fresh flowers as part of their cake design. 

Depending on the design a couple choose, fresh flowers may need to be inserted directly in to the cake, or 2” pins/2”cake picks/2”straws may need to be used to pin,  insert, attach the flowers to the cake.   Or the flowers may need to sit loose on the cake without proper securing, it all depends on the design but couples need to be aware of this.

Cake Rise cannot take any responsibility for flowers chosen by couples health & safety wise, other than advising you to understand yourselves the risk of using flowers on your cake & how they may need to be attached to a cake to achieve a similar look to a design required.

Nor does Cake Rise take any responsibility for the loss of portions you may incur in the places where flowers are inserted.

It may not be a lot but please be aware of loss of some portions.


Final payments are due 4 weeks before a Wedding date please, thank you.     If booking late booking-fee & full payment may be due immediately.

Work on your Wedding cake order commences as soon as you inquire.  Over the course of an order many hours will be spent initially on admin to process your order over the course of the months before your Wedding date.    Many weeks before your Wedding all items relating to your order will have to be sourced & many days before your Wedding date the work to bake, ice & make any decorations will start in order to be completed by your Wedding date.    Cakes cannot be baked without full payment. 

Please ask for your final a/c approx 6 weeks before your Wedding date in order for final details & a/c to be provided in order for final payment to be made 4 weeks before your Wedding date, many thanks.  


If for any reason you wish to cancel your order please email karina@cakerise.ie

Please note all booking-fees are non-refundable/non-transferable.    Please see info above on booking-fee’s.

As a single person business, in the event that I need to cancel an order e.g sick/bereavement out of my control, I will give as much notice as possible & refund monies paid.


For either collection or delivery bookings Cake Rise is not responsible for weather conditions on the day of a Wedding. 

Couples are responsible for the cake design they choose in all weather conditions, e.g in hot weather you will need to make additional preparations for the correct storage of your cake after collection & after it is delivered to your venue if you are booking delivery.   Correct storage of a Wedding cake is a couple’s responsibility. 

In cold conditions if delivery is booked Cake Rise cannot be responsible for any delays ice, snow etc causes.

Once cakes are handed over at collection or to the venue at cake set-up couples are responsible for what happens to their cake from that point. 


Cake toppers/cake stands/cupcake stands are sourced by a couple as it is a personal choice item.  Most can be found online, party shops etc.    I have a few lettering or similar pick styles cake toppers here if anyone needs ranging from €10-€30.

I have a selection of pedestal cake stands which can be hired – please visit www.cakerise.ie for full cost & t&c’s for hiring.  Hover over INFO.T&C’S – scroll down to STAND HIRE on my website.

I do recommend using a cake stand suitable for your cake style in all cases if possible to help elevate the overall display in a big function room.

For further advice if required please ask.


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